Welcome to Laboratory of C1 Research Group

  Basic structures of biological membranes are bilayer aggregates of lipids that are main constituents of the membranes. In our laboratory, in order to reveal various kinds of life phenomenon related to biological membranes such as phase transition, nonbilayer formation, lipid raft, membrane fusion and fission, anesthetic mechanism, we are studying properties of the bilayers formed by various kinds of lipids by biophysical and surface-science approaches. Especially, we pay our attention to the life process in which pressure participates in the viewpoint of environmental adaptation.


 Research Themes (1) Bilayer phase behavior of various kinds of phospholipids 
  (2) Molecular mechanism of pressure-induced interdigitation
  (3) Imaging of packing state of lipid molecules in the bilayer
  (4) Volumetric and viscoelastic behavior of phospholipid bilayers
  (5) Aggregate formation of cationic surfactants with double chains
  (6) Micro-domain formation of phospholipid-cholesterol binary bilayers
  (7) Mechanism of pressure-induced membrane fusion
  (8) Comparative study of anesthetic action by using model bio-molecules and so on.

 Staffs Professor:  Hitoshi Matsuki
  Associate professor:  Nobutake Tamai
  Assistant professor: Masaki Goto